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defective LG Velvet

  • 12 November 2020
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I ordered my LG Velvet a month ago and right away I've had some trouble with it. It's only now that it's getting worse that I think I need a replacement.

My Velvet will randomly make a high pitched tone and shut off when I'm listening to music.

It will lose data and Koodo service (phone calls will drop) even when I'm upstairs or outside. I've used Koodo for years and years and never lost signal in my basement…


And just this morning my phone was losing location, data, wifi, and cell service. All the while turning off and on again on its own multiple time.


I paid for a good smartphone and so far my phone is inconveniencing me with all these defects.


What should I do?

2 replies

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If you ordered online and its within 30 days you can contact koodo and return it and get another one or a different phone.

If you picked it up in store you've got 15 days to return.


If you're past your return date you can send it away for repair to lg.

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Have you tried doing a factory reset to see if it solves the issue?