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Deciding if I should buy the Pixel through Google or Koodo (specifically warranty policy).

If I buy through Google is the warranty I have with Koodo void? Does esecuritle use refurbished phones as the replacements? Would I be able to have both warranties?

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Hello Dylan.

Isn't the warranty linked to the current phone you have? If you change phones, you would still pay for the old warranty? Not sure how it will work. 

Why do you want to buy the phone with Google?
Hello Robert, The warranty I pay is the extended warranty Koodo offers that is only an addition to the monthly bill. I can remove this at my convenience. I wasn't sure if I changed phones through Google if it would affect the warranty plan through Koodo. Buying through Google allows me to have their warranty plan which may not use refurbished phones which Esecuritel does (I think). Their are benefits to both plans such as Koodo's costing less per device as well as the warranty as a whole and having more device replacements. But I've gotten replacements before and they never seem as quality as the original phone and I was hoping to try a different policy. However, if it's worse I would like the fail-safe of Koodo's. I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too as it were. Thank you for the help. Dylan.
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If you buy your phone through Google then your warranty is through Google.

Koodo will only sell you a warranty on phones it sold you.

The warranty you bought through koodo covers the original phone you purchased along side the warranty. If you continue to pay for it, it continues to cover that original phone. Once you cancel it, coverage on the original phone stops.

It's not transferable between devices.

ESecuritel replaces your phone with both new and refurbished devices at their discretion as per the policy terms and conditions.

Hello Chad, That's exactly what I was wondering, thank you for the help.