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December 31 1969 Messages

When i tried deleting my messaging text messages on my Moto G they all go no subject still showing everyone's names but show the date December 31, 1969. When i go out of messaging and back to it they have all disappeared. Whats happening?

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Did you recently "Clear Data" from "Google Services Framework"? That can cause some strange problems & isn't recommended. A lot of people do it to try "forcing" an OS update, however, it messes with the date & other things such as Location.
Yeah nothing that I did out of the ordinary, just one morning it started doing this. don't even know what google services framework is lol
I fixed the problem here is the solution for others I had this going on last week. Here is how I fixed it. "Delete all" does work, but you will lose all you txts. I used SMS backup free. Make a backup, go into your txts and "delete all", then restore your backup. The empty threads will not be restored. Seemd to fix mine and the problem is not back (yet).