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Data will not turn on unless I pay $$

My mobile data has run out, but I have just purchased a data add on. However, I can not turn data back on unless I choose to top up my data for extra $ on top of that add on.

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How did you purchase data add-on?
If you have SFD plan and run out data, then data will stop.
You will receive a text if you want to add data top up for $5/$7 for 100 MB.
Or log into self serve and purchase more data like $10 for 300 MB or $20 for 1GB.

If you log into self serve and purchased more data, restart your phone and your data should work within 5min or so. (It was less than 5 min for me)
I am on a 2 year tab and I responded to a text for a data add on.
I ended up purchasing the top up for $5.
After I restarted my phone it was back up. Should have tried that to begin with.
Thank You.