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Data Usage on the Fritz?

I am wondering what may be going on with my Motorola G (Android) data (Phone is about 1 year old, btw). My data has not worked in at least a month, possibly more. Not sure since I don't use my data very often.
On my Data usage area in my settings, it's been stuck on last months data usage count. (Feb 17-Mar 16= 18.43 MB) Keep in mind it's nearing the end of April at this point. When I try to use my data by turning it on, I am unable to use any web pages, as they say I'm still offline. I'm thinking of taking Data off my plan at this rate. What's the point of paying for 50Mb of Data usage when I can't even use it? But if anyone knows what may fix the problem, I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks!

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Are you sure you don't have data blocked on the account-level? Your phones settings are completely different from the network. Turning on data in your phones settings won't remove the data block at the account level, they're two separate things. I'm warning you that your 50mb can be used up in as fast as a few minutes. Even less depending on what you're doing.
Ahmad wrote:

Are you sure you don't have data blocked on the account-level? Your phones settings are completel...

If the data has been blocked on the account-level, I didn't do it. I almost always use Wifi or wait until I can use Wifi since I have very little Data to use. But it's always been sufficient for my uses, and I have a data cap set so I don't exceed my 50Mb usage in the event of the Data getting depleted.
I have checked my self serve Usage meter and it has my 50Mb meter as showing 0 for use (Unsurprisingly) and my plan is the
CAN Data 50MB 200 min $34, so I assume the Data should be working. If I should check somewhere else though, I would appreciate directions. 🙂

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Try taking out your sim for a few mins and try again. Also restarting the phone may help too
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Your best option would be to call customer service, (*611 from your phone, option 6) and speak with someone in tech support.