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data usage is now running off the 200 MB

If you have an active data booster for prepaid and you add another one. Do you lose the first booster? I had a 1G booster and only used 500 MB. I purchased 200 MB more. The first booster no longer shows on my account and my data usage is now running off the 200 MB. Thats not cool.

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The web site could use a little spanking. You do not lose your initial existing boosters.

Go to the [b]Baseplan and Booster Ad-Ons tab and click on View booster add-on usage at the center-right of that page to open a detailed summary.

Sometimes your new booster purchase will be consolidated into your existing balances or it may be reported separately.

Even more silly is that if you try to purchase a new booster on-line, your "order" automatically includes the last one you bought. So go ahead and remove that one from your order and add another one of the same value and your net purchase is $0!!!.

Didn't take a chance on screwing up my account, so completed my purchase by using *611.

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Since 2013 the boosters have always been separate for me and my multiple phone accounts. 

So for example, if I had 250MB of data in my data booster and added the bonus booster it would show up as two separate "pools" within my data.

Go into the "phone services" tab after you login to see a tabular view of data and talk boosters.

Right now I have three for voice/talk and looks like this:

Bonus Talk Booster 1000 ......remaining minutes
Talk Booster 500.....remaining minutes
Talk Booster 500 double....remaining minutes (this was left over from few years ago promo!)

All three of these talk pools add up to my total available talk minutes.  The system starts deducting from the top one first and then moves to the next and so on.  When a pool is used up it disappears and moves to the next.  If none of left you have nothing and need to add ASAP.

I don't like to let my talk balance go less than 60 minutes or so in case I'm stuck out somewhere and need to place calls