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Data usage does not match time stamp

I've noticed that there seems to be some discrepancies in my data usage. For instance, today I didn't turn on data until after 10 am but there is a time stamp of 6:42 am of 0.00. Does this mean I turned on my data and it wasn't on long enough to log and usage? I wasn't even up until 9 am. Then at 9:40 I had 2.87 MB usage logged. As I mentioned before​, I didn't turn on my data until after 10. I've noticed this pattern all through the week. Can someone explain this? TIA

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Hello there,

I wouldn'T mine about the first time stamp. About the second one, do you think there might be a time difference between the one on Koodo and your phone?
What do you mean by time difference? As in my phone is EST and Koodo is somehow processing in MT? That wouldn't make any sense.
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Yeah, that was what I suggested. I know it doesn't make any sens, but what doesn't make sens is you using data while data is off. I'm confused and tried to find an explanation.

I'm sorry I can't help you more 😕