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Data Usage and GPS/Mobile Network Location Service

I'm using an app (CM Security) to locate my location. But my data usage is turned off. Do I still get charged for using GPS/mobile network for locating my phone?

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Only cellular data is chargeable to you by your carrier, Amy. GPS positioning is done via satellites, so is not in any way related to your carrier. However, if the app you're using uses data to draw maps and stuff like that, then yes, you'll be charged (but not for the GPS positioning, only the data the app uses). There are offline mapping apps that you can use which won't use your data 🙂 Hope it helps!
Hi David, I was using CM Security - Locate my Family on Android. My data is turned off, and I checked the data usage and there wasn't any and the location settings on my phone is turned off as well. What are some apps that use offline mapping? Can you check if CM Security uses offline mapping? Thanks.
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I checked out CM Security on the Play Store, and from what I get from the description, this app [i]will use data while being used. However, it doesn't have to be cellular data, you can be home and it will use your WiFi connection (if you have one AND if you connected your device to it). At first I thought it was a regular, run-of-the-mill GPS driving app, but it's not. When I was referring to offling mapping apps, this is what I meant, apps that allow you to have driving guidance without any data (hence, offline). CM Security is not that kind of app, however. So! It appears that, yes, CM Security will need data to operate as it was intended to, but NO, it doesn't have to be cellular data. If you use it from home or from anywhere where you're connected to a WiFi network, you won't incur extra charges. Hope it helps! 🙂