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Data usage after resetting phone

I reset my phone yesterday night and after the reset, my phone used up quite a bit of data (still under my limit) on google play services. I was on wifi since one of the first things it asked me was to set up a wifi connection. The phone was re downloading all my previous apps. Is there anything I can do about this? I've already reached my data limit 5 days into the current cycle.

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It sucks but really there's nothing you can do about it. It couldn't have been connected to wifi if it used cellular data to download those things. I reset phones and set them up again every couple weeks and it never uses the cellular connection when connected to wifi during the set up process. All you can do is not use data until your next billing cycle unless you want to pay the overage.
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In Google Play setting you can set it up
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After a factory reset, Android devices automatically re-enable mobile data. By default, the Play Store auto-updates apps over Wi-Fi. Updates are not complete app downloads, so I'm thinking while Wi-Fi was busy downloading apps, mobile data kicked in to help with the app downloads.

The trick is to bypass the set up phase, get into Settings and disable mobile data, right after a factory reset. You can usually skip past Wi-Fi setup, setting up gmail accounts and lock screen passwords until you get to the welcome screen. From there you can access the Settings menu.

Or you may have access to the notification windowshade where by swiping downward, you can disable data by tapping on the signal strength icon named Koodo. This brings up the Cellular data window where data can be toggled on or off.
Thanks for the replies. I'll just have to be more careful next time.