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Data Usage

I have a Moto G phone and over the last couple of months I've noticed a huge increase in my date usage. Looking at my bill there are spikes in data through day; example 20 MB three times in the same minute when I am not even using my phone. Anyone else having this problem. Can anyone help? I've never come close to using all my data and now I'm already at 95% and still have a week left this month. Help

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Open the play store and then hit the overflow menu

Choose settings

Make sure that auto update apps is set to over wifi only

If you still have problems go into you data usage on your phone and it should tell you which apps are using what, whether it be background or foreground usage. I have a moto g and found that google + used a lot of background. Figure out what's using it and just restrict the background use when on mobile network vs WiFi. It fixed the problem for me and I still use all my apps without issues. And no more overage on data out of nowhere. Hope this helps good luck
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To add, as annoying as this is, it's a good idea to proactively shut off your data within your settings when not in use.
Thanks for the suggestions. I did have my updates on wifi only. I tried restricting background data and hope that helps.