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Hello Last sunday my boyfriend got a plan for my cellphone (45$ per month/ texts, calls & 1GB data) and I downloaded Koodo Self Service... however, is not letting me know the amount of data I've been using so far. It just let me know the number of texts and calls but on "data usage"it shows 0/1024 Mb whic is not possible. I also downloaded a 3rd part app to keep track of my usage but I'd rather check on your Self Service to get more accurate infos. Please let me know how to fix it or if you are going to do that soon.

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Are you new to koodo? If yes the the first week or so they give you a free ride on data, meaning that there is no charge. That is likely why they don't show usage.
Oh cool! Well yes, I got this plan just last sunday (December 8th) so it is just 2 days. Tomorrow the first bill is coming up and I just wanna be careful with my data usage.