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data usage

  • 14 September 2013
  • 3 replies

I seemed to have hit my max on my data, I normally never even come close, how do i make sure I dont' use anymore data until my bill resets is there something I can turn off so I am be sure I don't go over any more?

3 replies

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Hi Lisa, It depends on the phone, you put "Android" so try to untick Data in the settings. If you need specific instructions, post your model number and we can help you switch off data 🙂
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Hi there... If you have an Android, you may go to Settings / Wireless and Networks / Mobile Networks and then you can disable the Data Packet... Then you wont be using your 3G... I recommend you to download the Widget DATA ENABLER... You install that on your home screen and just by tapping you will be able to enable/disable data without going to settings...
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If its an iPhone Settings / General / Network Here you can turn off cellular data