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Data top up?

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I topped up my daughter's phone with 2 days left in our billing cycle, $10 for 300MB.  Does that expire after the 2 days?? I thought she would get it for 30 days on top of her 1GB that refreshed today.  She used about 10MB.  Had I known, I would have topped her up with the $5 for 100MB.  I have been extremely happy with Koodo since we switched from Virgin (mainly for shock free data)  last September but this is one policy I would change.  I will know for next time.  Thanks.

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Yes, it only lasts until the end of the billing cycle and then disappears. There has been some talk about having data carry over but no changes have been made to allow this yet.
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Then how about something usage based.  $10 for 10MB seems really harsh.  Next time I may decide to not allow her to top up.  Even $5 for 2 days is harsh. $10 for 300 MB is 3.3 cents per megabyte.  Charge $1 up front and 5 cents per MB with a maximum so you don't get "shocked".  Otherwise, next time princess will just have to wait it out for 2 days.  I can't teach her to waste money like this.