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Data suddenly not working

My data on my phone has just stopped working in the last few days. I first decided to wait on the cycle so my phone plan would restart as I went over my data last month (I'm aware I'll be paying more). My plan should be reset from last months bill, and it still does not work. The data GUI is turned on but still I'm not getting any picture messages, cant use my internet apps, ext. My phone works just fine with phone calls and texting, just no data at all. Please help!

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Have you shut your phone down removed the battery and sim and then put it all back together and restated the device?
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If Chad's suggestion does not work, best to phone in as we can't solve any account-related glitches. There should be no charge for the call.
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Yeah totally agree with chad but when u pull the battery keep it out for a couple min to make sure that the power is completely out of the phone and than put it back in. Sometimes in my experience i have done it to quickly and it did nothing. One thing I have learned with phones is patients lol.
I have a Sony Xperia that does not allow removal of the battery. I have turned it on and off. I will try removing the sim card. I phoned support last night and waited on the phone for 20 minutes before I hung up. I will try again now I suppose.
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Since this is an unlocked device, make sure your Apn settings are correct and enabled Settings... Wireless and networks.... More... Mobile network... Access point names Koodo.sp should be selected
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def do what chad said and check your settiings. I dont think this is a network issue but i could be wrong. When you check and possibly fix your settings reboot your phone and see if it still works. Unfortantly with an unlocked phone its not going to work perfectly on every network ,glitches happen 🙂. if this doesnt work def call and see what they can do on their end. sometimes a reset on koodos end works wonders aas well.
Okay I phoned IT. What happened was my phone's data settings got randomly wiped out. So I had to add them back again. Not sure WHY it happened. But it is fixed now with the appropriate settings. Thanks for your input everyone!