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Data problems on the Htc one m8

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I have had my HTC one m8 for a week and have been having data network issues with it off and on... Some times the phone won't browse and even turning the data on and off won't fix it, forcing me to reboot the phone. I aM not sure why this is happening... I am back on a tab with this phone rather having bought it outright. Like my old Samsung note 2

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If this is a constant re-occuring thing then honestly I would just go back to where you got the phone and exhcnage it for another one. Because after 15 days, you will have to send it in for warranty service to fix it instead gof exchanging for a new one.
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I have warranty with it at best buy... I will inquire tomorrow. tHough I don't want to get rid of the phone... I have a real expensive glass screen protector on it