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Data Plans needed

Data plans?? Is there something else I could have done?

Recently I was travelling for 10 days and ended up with very limited internet access for my phone. I could not do what I needed to do without data overage charges. I tried to go online and purchase an "add on" to my plan before I went over limit on data but no plan or info was available on the website.
Currently I am paying @ $50-$60 per month for Canada Wide calling and 1G data which is usually more than enough. However, the over-use charges when having to use data are horrible. In 4 days only I ran up an extra $10 charge.
I had the same experience when trying to add on an "international calling plan" for 1 month. Basically a useless and expensive waste with Koodo and a lesson learned.
However the latest data overage charges are causing me to look around elsewhere & I have been a Koodo user for years!!

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Data when you are roaming is always going to be expensive when you buy through a carrier.
We at the forum usually suggest picking up a sim card from a local carrier and using it for your trip.
Way cheaper!
As for your 10 dollar overage, i hear so many horror stories of $400 bills that in my opinion you did well!
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When youre checking around keep an eye on those overage rates. Sounds like you have a 10$ per gb rate which is actually super inexpensive compared to current offerings. I had that plan for a while too. It's a shame the industry moved away from that overage. If you think about the rate as an auto add on rate instead of overage rate I think you'll find you're glad to have it if you need it.
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Seems to me the $10 fee is still cheaper than having purchased the next higher plan to garner an extra GB of data. Add to that the possibility of switching back to a lesser plan than you currently have after your trip, and you may be FAR further ahead paying the overages on the occasions you use / need them, rather than buying a larger package but almost never using it.

If the value of what you did with the data exceeds its cost, it's money well spent.