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Making an unlimited Data plan, for like an extra $20.00 on the 2 gig plan. unlimited data would make it way eiser for my to check my koodo billing, and my banking information. other then that i am extremly staisfyed with my services

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It's already been suggested by many people but Koodo has made it perfectly clear that unlimited data won't happen. Also, 2GB is more than enough to check for self-serve, banking apps, social media, etc. The only reason 2GB wouldn't be enough is if you were using most of your data watching videos or something or using data heavy apps.
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According to the big three national carriers the cellular network's infrastructure can't currently support unlimited data on a national level due to limited bandwidth. And since people generally lack self-control with their smartphones, once it's unlimited they'll be on it ALL THE TIME, causing the network to crash constantly.
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Unlimited data... how we all suggested it and want it. Unfortunately, it won't be happening any time soon.