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Data Packet doesn't exist?

Just updated to a data plan (where I never had one formally) but I can't activate my data. When I go into Apps->Settings->Mobile Networks

 my only options are: 
Turning on/off data roaming
Network Mode
and Network operators. 

I have already gone to Apps-> settings->Data Usage and made sure that the usage isn't restricted and that the Mobile Data option is set to on. 

 I'm still not able to use data? 

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Make sure your APN settings are set to Koodo's Log into your self serve account online and make sure you don't have a data block enabled on your account, chances are that this is what it is. Also try rebooting your phone (turn off and back on)
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Are you able to send a picture message? I think you may have a data Block soon Koodos side of things. Give them a call and check.