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Data not working and contacts did not migrate to new phone

I just switched to a new phone, MOTOROLA TXT1032 ANDROID, but data does not seem to be working. Mobile data is turned on. Any idea what could be the problem? Also, I migrated from my old phone Samsung Galaxy III but my contacts didn't come over.

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I would probably take a read through the link below. If you follow it it will most likely fix all your data problems. As for migrating your contacts, it doesn't automatically happen. You will most likely need to use Bluetooth to transfer them. I know Samsung has an app that will pair with your old phone and bring all the contacts and everything over. But I don't know if Motorola has anything like that. http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/the-comprehensive-guide-for-bringing-your-unlocked-device-to-koodo/
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Give this a look: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motorola.migrate You can also sync your Galaxy contacts with your Google account via wifi, then re-sync on your new phone. No mobile data is required. For mobile data: 1. Settings=>More networks=>Mobile networks=> make sure Mobile data is checked (which you have already done) 2. In the same window, Network mode => LTE/WCDMA/GSM should be selected. You can toggle between the first 2 values and re-start your phone. Sometimes this will fix your problem. 3. double check APN settings as per the mobile masters blog above: http://aide.koodomobile.com/Portals/0... 4. Settings=>More networks=>Mobile networks=>Network operators (it may take some time to scan all available networks)=>Choose “Select automatically” or Koodo. Re-start the phone, preferably by removing the battery for a few minutes.