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Data discrepancy

  • 10 November 2015
  • 6 replies

My phone shows that I'm just about at my data cap of 500 Mb and through the koodo app it shows I've only used 75 Mb. Which number should I go by? I have a moto X play if that matters.

6 replies

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A carrier's data counter is always the correct one. The one on your phone might not be synced to your billing cycle date or it's counting WiFi and/or MMS.
Thank you
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Hello Dustin. I've never seen a discrepancy so big. Make sure that your phone only counts data from 3G and not wifi! 🙂
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Also it's important to keep in mind that carrier data useage is not in real time, so what you DO USE may not be added to your account for up to 24hours, after you used it. It really only becomes an issue, near the end of your billing cycle, when you think that you have 50mg left and in fact you only had 18mg and you end up, going over and accumulate overage charges.
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Hey Dustin! Just to clarify, we do have real time data calculations now, so the amount that you see in your self-serve app is the one you should go by! Have a great day 🙂
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OMG Anna that great news! I must have missed it, in the WHATS NEW section.