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Data cutting out

I have had my galaxy s6 for about 3 months now. I had to send my first one back because the screen stopped working and the data is constantly cutting out on ny phone. I cant listen to music online becasue it only plays for a few seconds and it says music is unavaible becasue my data connection has dosappeared. I pay for 5G of data a month and cant really use any of it because it never connects. Anyone else have this problem?

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Try this.

Settings, mobile networks, network operators, network mode. Change it to wcdma only

See if that helps, you may just be in a weird coverage area.
Thanks, ill try it 🙂
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Hey Emily!

How's your data connection now that you've tried Chad's suggestion? Keep us posted 🙂
It hasnt made much of a difference 😞
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You can try resetting data network settings. Go to settings -> backup and reset -> reset network settings -> reset settings; confirm. This will wipe out your wi-fi and bluetooth saved connections.

There's re-inserting the sim card, putting it in another phone, trying another sim card if it will work to see if the problem follows, restarting and toggling network on and off. If none of that will work, next up is factory resetting your phone after backing everything up. If that doesn't do it, then if I'm not missing any other troubleshooting steps that you can do I would say call customer support to speak with tech support, and see if it'll come down to taking it in for a warranty repair.