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data charges

so i finally upped my plan from the old "serving size 15", because apparently i can no longer add unlimited messages for an extra $5 i need to pay 30/month to have that. Anyway, MMS picture messages dont send unless i have packet data activated, but i am getting charged for minute fractions of a megabyte several times per day. any way to stop this while still using mms? will MMS messages work over wifi with data disabled?

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Unfortunately, data needs to be switched on in order to send MMS, Nicholas. It shouldn't use regular (paid) data while on WiFi though - if you switch on data while on WiFi, send the MMS and then switch off data again while still on WiFi, you should be good.
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Check what's running in the background that uses data. Picture messaging is free as part of their unlimited messaging package, but if you for example you have your weather app open, it will try to get updates every so often. Turn all app off in the background.
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Might be wiser to send pictures via email when you are connected to Wi-Fi; that way you are in full control of your data use.
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I have a data plan so I don't have to worry as much about leakage, but I often send pics over Facebook, email, or BBM/WhatsApp nowadays instead of relying on the cell network because they can use WiFi.