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data booster charged to my account

  • 10 April 2019
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I am on automatic top ups and have been for years. No issues.
Today my phone quit and said my plan expired.
But I had a text message from Koodo saying top up was successful.
I checked credit card billing and the charge went through.
I logged in to prepaid and viewed transaction history.
I see where the auto top up was credited to my account.
Then I see where a $30 Double Bonus Data Booster was charged to my account, which I did not order.
Because of the $30 charge there was not enough balance left to renew my base plan so that is why the phone died.
I added another $20 and the phone reactivated immediately.

But the problem is - I did not order the data booster, and it does not show up in my list of boosters.

I would like to get either my money back or get the 2gb Data booster - one or the other.

There was some other strange things in my transaction history two days before my base plan renewal data - a $15 charge for base plan renewal, and a $15 credit for "system issue"

2 replies

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