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data and phone minutes usage between activation date and the beginning of first billing cycle

Hi, I just got a 300min 300mb plan for 35 dollars per month yesterday. I was wondering if the usage between yesterday and the beginning of the first billing cycle, which is six days later is free? I already used 305mb of data according to my phone but on the self serve it says I have about 294mb used. I am very confused now, I do know that I will be charged for a month plus the few days. But is there a data overage here? When I try to access the billing information the self serve displays an error message. Thanks for your help

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I would go with what you're seeing on self serve. Data monitoring on phones has proven to be inaccurate and phone manufacturers warn of this. According to the self serve numbers, you're 6 MB shy of your limit, so there shouldn't be any data overage charges.
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Reasonable data use for the period up to the beginning of the first billing cycle is free. It is meant to help you determine if the data plan you purchased will meet your future needs, or if it meeds to be adjusted.  Based on your current use, you may wish to reconsider either your use pattern, or your plan size.