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Data/Airtime usage

When I view my data usage, how can I tell if it is chargeable usage or non-chargeable usage? Same with airtime?

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Looking in self - serve the dial style indicator will plainly show how close you are to 100% usage and anything over you will b charged. You should get text warnings for data as well even if not shock-fre data plan.
I have 2 phones on my account. Calls btw phones are "free airtime" as are weeknights & weekends. How can I tell from my usage if my minutes are the "free minutes" and which ones are being accumulated towards my limit of total airtime minutes? Similarly, data used to send/receive pictures via text messages are "free". How can I tell from my data usage which data amounts are "free" and which are being added towards my data limit?
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Th counter should only count for when it'S daytime minutes. You can see how much you use in total but there's the counter for only daytime minutes on your plan or any non-uimited talk time your account has. As for data it doesn't matter. It doesn't get shown at all for MMS. You cannot track it and it's irrelevant. What you see is what your device uses outside of MMS.
OK - perhaps because we purchased 2nd phone mid billing period, the self serve dials are confusing. I will check again beginning of next billing period.