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  • 23 January 2018
  • 2 replies

I changed my plan from 1gb to 3gb of data, but the shock-free thing is still capping me at 1gb, what should I do?

2 replies

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Hi Victoria, when did you change your plan, was it during the 2 bonus GB offer, so thr plan was 1gb plus 2 bonus GB's for 24 months ?

If so were you actually eligible for the bonus and you upgraded to a new phone on the tab since you weren't a new customer so you weren't eligible for the bonus 2gb data in that respect.

If you didn't change during this bonus offer let us know and we can think of the next explication / solution but if you did then this could explain the issue.
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Looks like all is well Victoria. You are not capped. No notification sent that you are blocked.