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  • 21 February 2017
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Hello Kodoo team. I would like you to review the rates for data. I am looking at many other options and soon will be leaving kodoo. Did you notice that the new plans are 5$/100mb once you are over your data limit? How can you justify that. This will make all the customers run away. Before it was what, 10$ for a 1gb top up? I hope the team can reevaluatw the rates. I am looking at a MTS plan right now at 85$ with unlimited data. Can you top that up? Thank you.

1 reply

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In Manitoba Koodo has unlimited text and min with 5GB of data for $48/month. Its almost half the price and if you arent using that much data. It will suit you greatly. As well, MTS charges $5/100MB for any overages in data so Koodo isnt doing anything crazy there.