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hello koodo, first of I would like to say that I am happy with the quality of service you provide. I ported from wind because of terrible reception and dead zones. The only thing I have found unfavourable of my current service is the data cap at 500 mg. I am constantly disabling and enabling mobile data. The literature on your webpage of $5/100 mg I find a litle steep. My current bill is manageable and I cant really upgrade at this point. In consideration of all I have said, I do admit that Koodo is still the best choice currently available. My question is can I add some data to my plan at a relative minimal cost?, I would appreciate any options, suggestions, tips. Noah

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"Adding" data would equate to the data overage. The only thing I can recommend is to upgrade your plan to include more data. Canada Data 1 GB Unlimited min $52 & Canada Data 2.5 GB Unlimited min $62 are your best bets.
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A simple yet effective solution would be to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. This will ensure that data overages are kept to a minimum or better yet, within your data cap. I too have 500 MB of data and I'm able to get through an entire month with a little data left over. I installed a data toggle switch on my home screen, so I don't have to go back into settings each and every time to enable or disable data.