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Customer User End headaches

About a Month back I took my phone out of my fathers name, and put the account into my name.   While this account was in my father's name I was receiving paper bill statements in the mail.
   Since changing the account into my name, I have not received a paper bill, even though the customer service agent assured me I would.

When I decided to look into the usage and billing date on my self serve app I came across a list of permissions that was just absurd.   While I can understand, maybe, the phone call permission to gauge usage.. thats still a bit of a stretch.   The other permissions are invasive.

So, much to my amusement, when you deny all of these permissions it bricks the app, so i had to uninstall, redownload and allow these permissions in order to pay my bill.

I am not enthused.

But then, to go through the process half a dozen timesto only get shown a bad gateway error on the billing step...

Look, I've been with koodo for years, but this last month has been just sour.
 I cant even talk to customer service agents because of the Hour+ Wait time.

I would like my paper statements again, because theres no way im keeping this self serve app that doesnt work.

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I don't think Koodo does paper bills anymore? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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Koodo no longer offers paper bills. I am surprised your father was still receiving them, as they were supposed to have stopped some years ago.

You can always enter self-serve through a browser, rather than the App.

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As for the app payment error, some other customers were experiencing the same gateway error and it's being worked on as we speak.
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Other ways to pay the bill include, self serve via the web. By online banking via your bank, by dialing 611 and using the automated system. The app upgrade is very new and there will be some kinks. You know that Koodo is very easy to get along with as a provider as you said so yourself(being with them for years) so just give it some time if you can. Things will improve with the app I can almost guarantee that.
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Hello Carl, please refer to this post regarding permissions and the new app. https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/self-serve-app-update-for-android-january-2017