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customer service sucks

customer service sucks my phone is deactivated since dec 14th and my bill was due dec 18th.... now no phone until i reach customer service but they never answer, Ive been waiting more than 2 hours... on the 3rd day trying to call.. giving more than 250$ per month to them and getting this service is unacceptable might just go with another phone company. The 60$ 10gb promo deal is available and im paying 115$, not fair since ive been paying alot more and its been longer that i am with them.

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Same for me yesterday and the day before 5 hours of waiting with no answer and today it's been 1hours and half
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Jonathan and Nicolas. You may be better served by messaging Koodo at www.m.me/Koodo It's faster and a lot less stressful than waiting on hold.
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Already did that since yesterday no response.