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customer service / HTC one M9 release date

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Wow i am not impressed, i phoned in about the htc one m9 asking if april 17th was the day and why its not on the website as koodo has announced it. Then the agent louie proceeds to say they will only have htc 510 desire and kept repeating this! Im like thats not what i am asking for. So anyways he said we have the galaxy s6 and thats all we will have and i heard this from 3 agents ...no lies here ...so what is going on??

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I don't think the call centre resides in Canada. It's possible the reps would have little if any knowledge about up and coming devices. Louie also forgot to mention that we are getting the Galaxy S6 Edge.
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I suppose but come on they need to be a little more educated ...i really need a new phone:( s5 sucks ...just the way i feel
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I agree elvira. Koodo has a "what's new" section, filled with material on how to cook straight bacon and other "non cell phone nonsence" all of which is dated 2013-2014. I was a customer from day one. Not once has Koodo notified me of a "plan change special offer". I did get the Super 6G plan, on the last day of offer, 30 minutes before closing, because I was looking at phones, while my wife was Mall Shopping. I just picked up the $59.00 2G plan for my wife, because she was shopping in Zehrs and I was looking at the phones. What Koodo does do is notify me that my wife has changed my plan with add-on, before she has a chance to tell me and to " offer me" Additional Lines with Junk Phones. A Junk Phone is a phone offered at zero dollars on small tab on a New Line added to your existing multi- line bill. When you go to the Koodo Kiosk the sales person describes the Sale Phone as a piece of junk and the up sell, begins.
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Hey Elvira! Just to confirm, the HTC One M9 is coming to Koodo as announced on our Facebook page. However we honestly don’t have an answer regarding a release date for the moment. Stay tuned to our Facebook page (http://koo.do/McfM0w) and our website (http://koo.do/kphone) for updates. As for the service you received, would you kindly send us a detailed email to: http://koo.do/YqucV0 select "social media". We would like to have a look into it. Thank you for your patience and your feedback! 🙂 ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.