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Customer service fees

I see that if you call koodo support that there's a charge, but I did see on a post that if you call a certain # from your cell there's no charge. is this true? and what is the #?

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If the reason your calling is to have them do something that you can do on self serve you will be charged nomatter where you call from, but if it's to inquire about a discrepancy or something else you can't do on self serve yourself then you will not be charged, again nomatter where you call from.
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You could always ask your question here. Pretty sure someone would have answer. No cost.:-)
Call # 611, any time from you mobile phone, and as far as the rest of it is concerned, you could not have it explained any better than by Paul in the comments above here, however, he didn't tell you what the number was. Unless he did but it's not showing here. Paul's explanation is top notch though. Good luck dude. 🙂
Even if u have no plan #611
CC wrote:

Even if u have no plan #611

Sorry I'm pretty sure it's *611