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Customer loyalty upgrade

Koodo should offer customers a free upgrade to a new phone after 1 year with no penalty or fees like they do in the US. So, if I buy a phone and a year later a new one comes out and I want to switch, Koodo covers the upgrade. A loyalty incentive for staying with Koodo. Of course you would have to return your old phone as well. I think it's a great idea to show what people can get for being loyal customers. Especially if you just buy your phone and then something else comes out you want even more. Another good idea would be to offer different payment plans like bringing back the 3 year to cover the cost of newer phones. This way if you want the newest phone you could take a longer contract with smaller monthly fees. So instead of having a $80 bill for a new phone it could be $50 or less instead. Just like they do for new cars. Smaller payments over longer terms. Because really, who can afford $90 a month for a phone?

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This is already possible. Just pay off your old tab and you can reuse a new tab anytime you wish. The CRTC has mandated that no cellular commitment can be longer than two years. So the three year term is out. But tabs medium and large were introduced to cut back on your out of pocket costs. Time and again Tab Medium has proven to be a very good value.
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Pay off tab and use the tab to get a new one?
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John Lee wrote:

Pay off tab and use the tab to get a new one?

Yes, if you pay off your tab then its immediately available for you to use to purchase a new phone.