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Customer loyalty (Contest idea)

You guys already do a great job at keeping plans competitive and fair. The tab is a bonus to help with getting started and upgrades. My suggestion is more for keeping customers by giving a incentives for remaining long time customer's. This could look like a small % discount after a year (like 1% or 2% off bill), then a small percent added to it at 3 years and again after 5 years and so on. (Sorta like the discount one gets for using there own phone with you). This benefits both the customer and the company too. The customer feels like they get a extra discount for being loyal and the company get's tabs taking longer to pay off and build. An alternative option would be at the end of every year, you get a free month (only plan cost not extras) so pay 11 get one free. Sure to keep people excited and happy 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read this. P.S. I also hope I win!! 😉

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