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Customer Appreciation Raffle+ Lottery+Discount Plan-revised

All customers are entered into separate raffle draws, (they get like code #s as their online raffle ticket) to win prizes or money of equal value of their choice. The more older customers get in to bigger draws and the newer customers get into smaller valued draws and customers are asked for their permission before they are entered into raffle draws. Plus, if they convert at least 2 or more friends or family members into koodo, if they win the raffle draw they win like double the valued amount of money offered or of same value for prizes(for example instead of getting one laptop, they get 2 laptops or for prize money like $500, instead they get $1000, or something like that). Same concept for lottery, customers are asked for permission, once they accept(they know terms, what they pay, etc) they are offered different valued amount of lottery draws, and obviously the more expensive the lotto draw, the bigger the prize or prize money of that same value. Plus if they win the pri$ze and have 2 or more friends they proved that they converted, they also get double the prize! For the discounts, it will reward people who have been using koodo for at least an year. For over an year, its $5 off for every other bill payment period and for customers that are 5 years old, its like $20 off every other bill payment period (just a general idea, dont take my #s literally, what you guys come up with is up to your calculations if you guys take my idea) and so on. Plus they also get rewarded for proving that they have converted their friends or family(vast majority who did not win in raffles or lottery draws) to koodo. For each family member or friend they get like (again just #s i make up for practacality) $20 extra off for one of their bills and another $20 off in another bill if they converted another person and so on. This will benefit everybody as people will enjoy the benefits of being with koodo(you get to be a in a community, express opinions), win prizes or $$$, get discounts/more money for the customers, and koodo will have quadruple its customer base(make more money for you guys too=$$$$!!!!) as well! Plus, you guys can do whatever the company wants to do with profits made from the lottery draw sales(charity, more customer appreciation, etc) as well!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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This is it, this is my plan, boo yaaa.
anybody, i should get 1 automatic reply from someone from koodo by now.