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Current Moto G is being replaced by the soon to be out Moto E, but is better even if it's an older version?

I was all ready to upgrade from my old school LG flip phone to a MOTO G in stock, but the Koodo Service Rep told me that she would be getting the new MOTO E phones in a few weeks and that I should wait because it's a better phone (in her opinion). However, from the "moto g vs. moto e" research I've done. The experts seem to think the moto e is worse than the moto g in almost every way. What am I missing? Why would the newer moto e be worse than it's predecessor the moto g? Also, don't newer versions usually ascend in the alphabet rather than decend? What is Motorola thinking?

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Sales talk apparently. Unload what you have in stock. Used to work in a camera store. Any problem returns were put back on the shelves. Let the next customer deal with the mfgr while we had our cash. http://www.gizmag.com/moto-g-vs-moto-e/32067/ G beats out E on just about every point.
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Looking at the Moto E's specifications, a smaller screen, battery, dual core processor, (versus Moto G's quad core processor) and less onboard memory tell me that the Moto E is a severely scaled down version of the Moto G. The Moto E does have expandable storage but that's where the compliments end. The Moto E might be a good starter or 'first' phone for someone who wants an affordable entry level Android device. http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=6376&idPhone2=5831 I haven't heard any mention of the Moto E coming to Koodo from the higher ups or through social media, so I'm not sure where this rep is getting her information from.
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Leon Richard wrote:

I've been looking on Amazon and they have a few "Moto E" phones at different price points. One o...

That would be the Moto E 2015 or second generation Moto E. I agree, the specs do look a lot more promising than the first generation Moto E. New phone arrivals are announced on Koodo's Facebook page, stay tuned and check back periodically.
I've been looking on Amazon and they have a few "Moto E" phones at different price points. One of them is a "2nd generation" 4G LTE Moto E that seems to have more impressive specs than what I've been reading in the "Moto E vs. Moto G" comparos. I'm hoping that this is the one that the Koodo Rep was talking about...
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The one Koodo will be getting is indeed the new Moto E. So it is a quad core processor still, same screen size, expandable memory, and will be running lollipop out of the box.
Thanks Mark for clearing that up.
This might help : http://www.droid-life.com/2015/02/26/specs-moto-x-2nd-gen-vs-moto-g-2nd-gen-vs-moto-e-2nd-gen/ The 2nd gen moto E is a significant improvement over the 1st gen moto E, and indeed, comparable to the moto G.
love the Moto G sorry to see it go best phone I've ever has