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Going to Cuba. I have int voice roaming and int data roaming on plan. Do I need LD saver, I see it doesn't make a difference to LD rates? Do I need to know anything else? If I turn my phone on in Cuba will I come home to a $20,000 phone bill?

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All you need to know is in the Travelling to the Carribean section in this link: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling If you phone is off then no you will not be charged. If you wanted to bring your phone with you to use as a camera or wifi you can just take the sim card out or put on airplane mode too.
Hey Mike, The biggest risk for a high bill would be if you turned your phone on while roaming in Cuba, and started receiving updates through various apps (facebook, e-mail, etc). Without a roaming add-on with data included, pay-per-use data rates can get expensive pretty quickly. To avoid this, I'd recommend either disabling roaming data on your phone, turning on airplane mode and only using wifi as Dennis mentioned, or removing the international roaming data add-on.