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Credit check for new customers?

I'm a 10+ year Rogers customer and am becoming increasingly fed up. I want to switch to koodo but I don't have a credit card (only my ATM/Visa Scotia card). Does that mean I won't be accepted as a new customer?

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Not at all. Koodo is fantastic for people with little to no credit history.
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Not at all, especially with a 10+ years as a Rogers customer, in good standing.
Thanks! I'm hoping they will want my business without a CC because we've gone debit free/card less. I've been without a phone for 11 days ( my phone died) and Rogers keeps jerking me around. First they were out of stock to now the LG G3 isn't worthy of me because I don't want/need a large data plan. I'm completely fed up.
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Bring photo ID (driver's license/provincial ID, passport, Citizenship) and your SIN number and you should be fine.
Thanks Jonathan- I've got all that and printed out my Rogers bill to show them (plus screenshots of tons of back history) I sure hope they take us as new customers and can dump Rogers later today. :) 
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You have a credit history with your electrical provider, likely your telephone provider, cable company, mortgage company or landlord, and possibly many other companies you regularly deal with. Credit cards are not the sole source of inputs to a credit check, so no worries if you have no credit card.
And UPDATE!!!! I just got back home and am now a happy camper with my new LG G3, a perfectly affordable plan and extras rogers never ever let me have unless I paid extra.  Thanks everyone! 🙂
Oh, and a $50 Visa card (on top of the case I bought) is in my wallet to do as I please with. *yay*
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Congratulations and welcome to the Koodo family. Having survived 10 years at Rogers, I had no doubt that you would pass the credit check 🙂 Three things to remember. At Koodo your #1. #2. If you have any issues setting up your phone, technical difficulties or billing questions, post it here as a question. The Mobile Masters know their stuff. #3. Keep your eyes and ears open on the Koodo web site/Koodo agents, for the SPECIALS Koodo runs, from time to time. Example: I had $60.00 plan unlimited min and 1G. Koodo ran a special and I got unlimited min and 2G for $58.00. Once again, welcome to Koodo!