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Create own bill.

Now it might sound a little crazy and unethical at first, but it can be very beneficial to parents and students having trouble with balancing money. And with this idea it would give them the range to set a bill that suits their needs. Current situation: Plans are price set, meaning I have a limited option of packages to choose from most dont suit my needs so i must settle with something I must learn to like. Solution: With create your own bill, You could say for example , you have a $40/month budget for your phone, and you would like ONLY texting and talking. Or to be more specific, You want minimum 5000texts, you can program how many minutes of talking you'll be able to have left for $40. Or data, it would give the freedom to fluctuate your monthly allowance, and could easily change it around on your online account to fit your needs, if you dont plan on texting that month, you can switch it all to only talking and data, ect. Another example so I dont confuse anyone, One month ill have internet wifi in my house, therefor I dont need data at all, but im paying for it. Why? Well, just log on the online account turn data all the way down, leaving you with none and it will evenly distribute you're data into minutes, and texting evenly, or you can choose to have more texting then minutes. Thats the beauty you can choose. Goals/Outcomes/Consequence: The goal is to give freedom to students, or familys struggling with money and give a reasonable balance to there budget planning. It would allow so many people to freely turn their data off, to text more or vise versa. Many people wouldnt suit this plan and thats why the original Plans you carry now are still good to have. I hope my idea wasnt to confusing to read, and hope you like it. Thank you.

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I really like the thought of being able to pay for only what you use instead of having to pay a monthly price, you have a great idea. It sounds something similar to what Ting wireless does in the US. I'd love to see Koodo implement something like that, it only makes sense. Check out the link below and you'll see what I mean. Your idea gets my vote. 🙂 https://ting.com