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Crazy unexplained quick time data useage

Purchased a new Note II back approximately 4 months ago and I keep getting crazy spikes in my data useage in small span of time. Last month along it says I used over 350megs of data in under 3 1/2 minutes and this isn't the first time. Most entries appear as 10 megs of use multiple times in quick succession. Could it be some type of app on my phone or is something auto uploading?? Help

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It's hard to tell from the info you gave us, but here is my hunch. You are right, that it could a variety of apps running in the back. For that much data in a short time I suspect it's video. If you are logged into facebook on your phone remember that facebook in September made a really bad call by starting any video that's in your feed automatically. Koodo posted a warning about that here: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/news-facebook-autoplay-feature-might-be-using-up-your-data It could also be your iphone which has been known to cause mystery data use in the past. http://tidbits.com/article/13304
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Chris Petersens wrote:

It's hard to tell from the info you gave us, but here is my hunch. You are right, that it could a...

iPhone? He mentioned a Note 2.
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if you go into setting -> mobile network -> data usage, it should give you a breakdown of which app is burning through your data...also you might want to get a Anti-virus app from playstore to give it a check
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I usually turn OFF mobile data when I leave the house and turn it on when I return so that all my heavy updates get done thru WiFi (at no data charge). Some apps (like Navigator) can have some monstrous updates --- hundreds of megs at a time --- which can kick your data usage up quite a bit. Accidentally starting up a video stream just putting the phone back in your shirt pocket can also hurt, so those heavy apps are kept away from any home screen. Only turn on mobile data on the road when I NEED it, i.e. want to check email, do maps, browse or other things. That way I don't have to listen to the ringy-dingy notifications and feel the urge to take my eyes off the road every time an uninvited email or Facebook update comes in. My data usage has gone from > 300 meg/month to well under 100 under this scenario. To make things easier on the Note II, get Data Enabler from the play store. It's a widget which will give you a home screen button to enable/disable mobile data, rather than having to plunge a few levels deep into the settings menu. It also does not hurt to re-start your phone once in a while (say just before leaving the house) to re-set your connections.