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Crackling or silence on the line... neither is good

I just finished a one hour call in which I had no problems with my phone. I tried to make another call and the phone was silent - no dial sound, no sound when the other person picked up. I tried calling another phone in the house, with the same result, silence. One one of my attempts to call the other phone in the house I got a bunch of crackling on the line and could hear someone saying "hi". I tried taking out the battery and SIM card and now I just get garbled crackling. What's up??

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How many bars of reception are you showing? What phone do you have?
four bars of reception, Samsung Nexus S
I also have a Samsung Nexus S and am having exactly the same problem.
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I had a similar issue with an iPhone. The earpiece was defective. Try plugging some headphone and make a call! If it works, then you know it's something related to your phone and not Koodo!
I have already tried using a headset - same results.
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Some site suggest this app named SoundAbout or a factory reset of your phone! But before, try switching to speakers too!
A headset isn't fixing things for me either. Neither is removing the battery or SIM card. All other sounds are working on my phone, and texting is fine. The fact that we are experiencing the same problem at the same time on the same model of phone seems to suggest that the issue is with Koodo rather than our hardware.
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Mine works fine... I have an S4. And if it would be Koodo related, it wouldn't be cellphone specific! You tried SoundAbout?
S4 is not S... so not a good comparison. Yes, I believe it could be phone specific because it could be software specific. Thank you for the suggestion of SoundAbout, but why would I install some random software to fix a problem that should not exist? I repeat, I just finished using my phone and had this problem appear when I tried to make another call.
I just tried SoundAbout, no luck. The problem could definitely be Koodo-related but only affect certain models of phones or certain OS versions. I am running 4.0.4, what about you Paula? If it's not Koodo-related it is quite an extraordinary coincidence, since neither of us has had this problem before today. The best bit is we can't even call customer support 🙂
I am also running 4.0.4, which is not the latest operating system, but is the latest update pushed by Koodo. I might try updating my operating system tomorrow, too tired right now. It is definitely not unheard of for just one model of phone to randomly stop working: http://gizmodo.com/5459636/nexus-ones-plagued-by-strange-nationwide-data-outage
Also, I am a prepaid customer (as opposed to monthly) - how about you?
Nope, monthly - but that should not affect anything.
Okay, I sent an email to Koodo customer support asking them to take a look at this. Hopefully it will be fixed overnight!
Cool, thanks for letting me know.
It looks like the latest available OS from Kodoo is Jellybean 4.1.1, but it is not appearing when I select "check for updates"... also my phone does not seem to know its own phone number anymore. Very odd. Have you tried checking for updates?
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Paula Claudino wrote:

It looks like the latest available OS from Kodoo is Jellybean 4.1.1, but it is not appearing when...

To update you have to get samsung kies.
I am also having the same issue with the crackling or silence on the phone. Everything else is working.
Same! I have the exact problem. I also own a Samsung Nexus S. Updated to Jelly Bean. If this all happened within the same few hours would it not be an issue from Koodo?
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Aman Bhayani wrote:

Same! I have the exact problem. I also own a Samsung Nexus S. Updated to Jelly Bean. If this ...

It's likely not a Koodo issue. If it was it likely wouldn't be limited to one specific phone model.
I have a Nexus S as well and this happened to me last night. Still not working today!
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I would advise every single one of you to call in. If this is an issue on Koodo's end, it helps if more people call in so that the issue can get properly investigated.
Same for me... 😞 Yesterdays, either when I call er receive a call, I get crackling of silence. My phone is a Nexus S with jelly bean. Like Paula Claudino, my phone doesn't know is own number. Everything else is fine. I tried a factory reset and the problem is still there.... I'm gonna call Koodo today, I recommend to everyone else with the problem to do the same.
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If it's not on Koodo's end, I would recommend 1) Factory reset, maybe it's hardware related (marc-olivier confirmed that a factory reset does nothing) 2) Update with Samsung Kies
In Kitchener-Waterloo: My partner and I both have Koodo mobile phones, Google Nexus S. Neither she or I have been able to hear clearly, if anything, when receiving or dialling out. We both have full bars.