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[b]Hi, My screen cracked on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Only 2 weeks old 😞 ) Everything else works perfect, just wondering if it can be replaced by Koodo and how much it would cost?

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Did you purchase the extended warranty protection plan within 30 days of getting your phone?

If not there's really nothing koodo can do for you. Samsung won't cover physical damage under the normal warranty. At this point you'd need to purchase a replacement out of your own pocket. Or you can pay for the repair out of pocket which starts at around 150$. Alternatively you can search for local boutique stores that do glass replacements cheaper.

If you did purchase the plan, you're able to get a replacement for a small fee. Check your extended warranty documents for more details: http://extendedwarranty.koodomobile.com
The link does not work.
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The link does not work.Yeah, it's a year old, at least. Try this one.