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Cracked phone screen, can it be fixed for free?

  • 31 January 2016
  • 2 replies

Hi there, I got a brand new phone yesterday, and unfortunately it was dropped a short distance and cracked the screen a bit. Just wondering, as it is a unique situation, as to how it could be fixed if at all, for cheap. The whole reason I got this phone (HTC M8) because it was 0$, so I'm not willing to spend $100+ on repairs

2 replies

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Hi Alex,

This is not a unique situation. You are not going to be able to get it fixed for free as it is accidental damage, not covered under manufacturer's standard warranty. If you have the extended warranty on the phone, you get make a claim but it will cost the deductible. If not, you will have to pay 100$+ for repairs. 
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Unfortunately this is not covered by any manufacturer's warranty. If you purchased the extended warranty from eSecuritel through Koodo, you would be able to get a replacement unit with a deductible charge. At this point you'll have to find a local repair shop to fix the screen. A Koodo shop can quote you for repairs too, but it will likely be around $150. Also, the phone isn't really free, it's only $0 upfront and you pay the Tab down every month. You're still responsible for the device's subsidy if you need to cancel service.