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Copying mp3s to Galaxy 3

I just installed Kies3 on my computer so I can copy all my mp3s over. A couple weeks ago I downloaded ringtones and I notice they downloaded into the music folder. Is this normal? I don't want those files playing once I setup my Bluetooth in my car. Do I need to somehow create a separate directory?

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Ya you won't want them in your music folder. Download a file manager like "PowerGrasp" from the PlayStore on your device and move those ringtones files into the ring tone and/or notifications folder of your devices internal Storage.
Thanks Paul
Paul I downloaded p owerGrasp and installed it. I have a issue with 2 of f the ringtones I have in the ringtones directory.When I choose the one I want some other sound is heard.weird. where is the directory that all the ringtones are located?
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System/Media/Audio. You will need a file explorer like AndroZip or ES File Explorer to locate the System directory. The following folders are found under Audio: alarms, notifications, [b]ringtones, ui.