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contract ending/phone upgrade


I keep getting a text(and a call!) from Koodo that my 2-year contract with them is ending. The texts tell me about a promo on their iphone 5s for $0 with the tab. My current tab payment is only $5/month, do I get to keep that as well if I upgrade? Also, what happens when my contract is done?

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Once your tab is paid off, there will no longer be a monthly tab charge on your account. If you are to upgrade, your monthly tab amount would depend on the phone and plan chosen.

When your contract is done, nothing happens other than the abovementioned ending of monthly tab charges. You plan stays the same. You are not obligated to upgrade. You may also choose to purchase a phone outright/elsewhere if you'd like.
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Hey Pink Bow! To add to Ivan's comment, our Tab system has changed since the last time you've upgraded. Now, we give you the option to finance a part of your phone's price in 24 equal payments on your invoice! I invite you to take a look at this quick video to get acquainted with our new Tab system http://koo.do/1NUZOea :)