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Contact problem, Cellphone won't remember first 3 number.

  • 23 July 2014
  • 4 replies

My android cellphone crop the first 3 number of a contact so it won't get throught. If the person is not in my contact it works just fine. Would you know how to repair that problem? As an exemple if I text (XXX) XXX-XXXX for the first time it get throught but if i just click on it in the message box or on a contact it will text to XXX-XXXX instead.

4 replies

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It's probably a setting in your phone, Felix. You could try to program the number as +1 xxx xxx xxxx and that might solve your problem, or see if you entered a default area code somewhere. What Android phone is it?
It is a JK-12 by Jiake, I tryed the +1 and that didn't work sadly. I did not find a default area code neither.
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Isn't there a setting that says something about an area code being added to all your phone numbers? I never heard of this phone but you could look around on the Internet. It is the best advice I can give you
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Doba soft reset deleat everything restart new if don't work is your software os a hardware reset by holding power home at the same time that should work