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Constantly receiving duplicate texts

  • 29 June 2013
  • 4 replies

Hi, I constantly receive the same text message multiple time, sometimes 4 times or more. Is there a fix for this issue? I'm using an LG Optimus One.

4 replies

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Is this for everyone that messages you? I know this is an issue with older blackberrys who message me
Good question; I get this with a large proportion of the people who message me, so I don't think the problem is on the sender's end
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Hey Imahar, without getting too technical about the sms service, the message is attempted to be sent, and if it appears that it doesn’t go through, it tries again up to a specific number. Sometimes, a mistake in the system happens that doesn’t alert it to say “hey, the message was received” so it sends it again. We can do a little bit on our end to try and get it resolved(call *611 Option 6) but I also recommend having your contact call their provider and have it looked into on their end as well. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
I also have the exact same problem and it happens with all of my contacts so i don't think it is their provider with the issue. I have the same phone too.