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constant problems with logging in

  • 11 April 2015
  • 3 replies

Moto G for the phone, have had a constant problem of my phone "forgetting" the password to my self serve app and when I go to type it back it says wrong password. I know I type it in right and have had this happen at least once every 2 months if not more times. Please help

3 replies

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Hi Antonie, have you tried changing the password on your Koodo account to something a bit less troublesome? Also check to make sure you are typing your email in correctly
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Make sure you use a simple password this way easier be shour only you know no one alse some times error not talking to the servers turn cell off 5 minutes turn it on gen does if nothing do a softrest my be bug...
I know my password it isn't hard and yes I have changed it 3 times now it will not work. I also thought it maybe my email like you said Matthew it's not tho and if it was a bug then it is a recurring one P.S I got in to here through Facebook this time that is why there looks to be a new account