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Constant notification light on Moto G

The OS on my Moto G was recently updated. The last couple of days the notification light has been blinking although I have no new texts, calls or alarms to view. This used to be an intermittent problem with this phone and my previous phone with Koodo. Now, I don't know if or when I have missed a message or reminder. Anyone else having this issue, especially since the last OS update?

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Not seeing that problem on my Moto G at all. You said its happened to your last phone and this phone so I'm wondering if its something your doing. Have you installed any 3rd party apps to deal with notifications or the notification light like light flow?
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Have you tried restarting the phone? It may be one of the apps on the phone enabled the notification light and did not turn it off once the notification was handled. If that doesn't work, you may want to try a factory reset (it seems extreme, but it solve the irritation).
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It's the service status Check under the display and lights settings for pulse led and disable it.