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Constant Error Messages Galaxy S2

I am getting error messages telling me that several processes have stopped working and asking me if I want to close the application or wait. For example, when I try to open or log in to Facebook, my phone freezes for up to 10 minutes and I will get error messages for applications that are not running such as Maps, Google newstand. Twitter, etc. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-S7560M) Android version 4.0.4. Is there a way to eliminate these errors. If I shut the phone off and restart it, the errors continue until whatever is cause the fault to clear itself. Is there a way to find out what is causing this, and is there a fix?

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So you actually have a Galaxy Ace IIx. You're best bet is a factory reset but even then this may not fix all of your issues and you'll also loose all of your data and pictures (unless stored on an sd card). The Ace iix has really outlived its useful life. Apps make demands on your device that it just can't handle all at once. You may wish to consider an upgrade and now is a good time. Koooldo has a lot of great midrange devices right now like the Motorola Moto G, Samsung Galxy S3, Lumia 635, Galaxy Core. Basically anything you can pick from the current lineup is going to run circles around that thing. Look for dual core or quad core devices. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply Chad. Not in a position to upgrade at the moment. But I will check it out. Cheers
Am actually having the same issue. When I purchase this phone a year ago, I had a battery issue, causing the phone to uncharge so fast that it was ridiculous. I changed the battery a few months ago and now, am getting this screen view on top of my applications, all the time with a number of information that would simply not go away. Although I rarely use the cell phone, every time I do... there seems to be issues. Unfortunately, that's the only phone Koodo suggested for an A la carte or pre-paid service. So I had no choice. And now... it seems the only viable solution would be to reset the phone, without any guarantee! Are you absolutely sure that there is no other option?
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Manon Simard wrote:

Am actually having the same issue. When I purchase this phone a year ago, I had a battery issue, ...

Each scenario is different Manon. A factory reset could very well clear up the problems you're experiencing. Usually when a phone becomes unresponsive or shows the signs you indicate, a factory reset is usually the best remedy. If you do decide to go ahead with the factory reset, remember to back up your phone as the reset will wipe your contacts, music and photos. If you have a microSD card installed, the files on the card will be left intact.